Overcoming Shyness the Easy Way

ShynessIf you go online and read about overcoming shyness, you will find a million suggestions for things you can do that can push you right into a panic attack. In trying to give advice, many people don’t acknowledge that shyness isn’t a something that someone is all the time, we are all shy to varying degrees at different times in different situations and sometimes, we can become shy in a situation that once made us comfortable for example if you were once comfortable around people but now are missing your teeth you may want to consider getting dentures Winnipeg. This means that there is no “magic formula” for overcoming shyness, but there are some guidelines that will help you get past the shyness that holds you back, and to hold on to the shyness that is in the right place at the right time.

Don’t worry about you

Shyness can become painful because we turn our focus on ourselves to the exclusion of others. All alone we decide what people think of us and how we appear or sound. That is exhausting. It’s also very self-absorbed behavior. To give yourself a break, focus on the other person for a change. One good rule to follow is the rule of three and one. For every three sentences you say to a person, ask one question. This prevents you from becoming lost in a monologue and keeps the other person engaged. You will be surprised at how people love to answer questions about themselves. It takes the focus off of you, internally and externally, and will help make the situation more relaxed. The more you can experience being comfortable in a situation that has made you feel shy before, the less shy you will be.

Learn when shy is OK

Extreme shyness can be a form of social anxiety, but some shyness is normal and expected. Some people are very comfortable walking into a group of people they don’t know and striking up a conversation. Some people are introverts and prefer to hang back until they get a sense for who is who in the crowd. Sometimes, shy is OK. Don’t rush to label yourself as having social anxiety, but do recognize when your shyness has become a problem and you need to address it.

Just breathe

One of the simplest ways to overcome shyness is to just breathe. This means to remind yourself to breathe fully and evenly while in a situation that is making you feel shy. The better your posture and the more even your breathing, the better you will feel. Posture and breathing control also helps to send a signal to your brain of confidence and strength, releasing all the right chemicals to help you feel good too.